Tabletop Connect

Tabletop Connect is a system-neutral 3D virtual tabletop that lets you connect with your friends to play role-playing games just like you’re around a real table.

You play in a true 3D environment—with miniatures, terrain tiles, physics simulated dice, character sheets, and handouts—you can almost feel the dice in your hands.
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Condition Tracker

A system that automatically tracks all conditions that are added to any active character or enemy on the map and activates the condition based on the perimeters placed on the condition. For Example, bleeding lose 2 HP at the beginning of the...
Tivaan, 06.08.2015, 04:29
22 votes Vote

Effect Circles or Areas

A way to add areas of effects like fire, ice, holy ground etc that can be seen in the form of a circle around a character or area without needing to use an actual character marker.
Tivaan, 06.08.2015, 04:35
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21 votes Vote

Targeting System

Basically you click on an enemy and roll the attack dice, cast a spell and the result automatically effects the targets hit points and/or adds a condition.
Tivaan, 06.08.2015, 04:19
21 votes Vote

Water floor tiles

Because we need them for sewers, or little creeks, or underground lakes :)
TimBenton, 09.08.2015, 14:17
19 votes Vote

Have ambient sounds

To have sounds playing in the background with a volume slider for the GM to control.
BOB, 06.08.2015, 02:23
18 votes Vote

GM summary page

A page where the GM can go to see the stats of all PCs/NPCs, current HP, etc. And apply changes from there (temporary with a duration, or permanent).
Kazander, 20.08.2015, 16:33
15 votes Vote

Gaming accessories support

Games nowadays use more than miniatures, dice and paper. It would be wonderful for TTC to support customizable tokens/gems/poker chips/etc. and customizable card decks to share with players. Dragging and dropping them on the player's game space...
Franck "Booga" Florentin, 05.08.2015, 07:57
14 votes Vote

Editable Tavern Signs or banners

If possible, something where you could input the tavern, blacksmith, shop name on the wooden sign or a typical fantasy banner.
TimBenton, 05.08.2015, 13:35
12 votes Vote

Smooth Raised Hill Planes

Basically you create a flat plane and then you can “grab” a spot on the flat plane and pull it up creating a smooth hill in that spot without manually rotating tiles or raising the entire plane. This way you can pull up multiple hills on a map...
Tivaan, 06.08.2015, 04:24
9 votes Vote

Web props

Web props that you can add to door opens, ceilings etc so you can hide Shelob behind as the characters walk underneath. Every tomb needs them anyway!
TimBenton, 10.08.2015, 16:33
9 votes Vote

Sound Triggers

The ability to have a sound triggered when a miniature is moved past a trigger point. An example could be a eerie wail, a slamming door, floor creaking, etc. Also need the ability to only set it to Once in the case of an eerie wail, but have it...
TimBenton, 22.08.2015, 10:14
9 votes Vote

Weather Control

Be able to add a slider mechanism controlled by GM to add rain (gentle to downpour) snow, sunny, cloudy, night, day etc
Tivaan, 31.08.2015, 04:45
8 votes Vote

Wall and Floor Re-Skin Tool

I would suggest a tool (pop-up maybe) that allows you to add a skin to current or future map item. For Example, Floor Tiles, you add your tiles from the current list to your dungeon, you group them as 1 item, then click them and choose maybe "Add...
Tivaan, 03.09.2015, 04:40
8 votes Vote

Shrubs, Pebbles, Rocks, Boulders, Wild Flowers

Just as it sounds: Bushes (various colors), Wild Flowers (various colors), Broken Branches (browns, black, grey, white) Pebbles, Rocks, Boulders (like the current rubble but more like rocks and various colors - greys, browns, green, white)...
tivaan, 04.09.2015, 04:33
7 votes Vote

GM Script Page

Where the GM can go to make rolls that players will never need. Can pull information from player sheets as variables. Can make rolls for multiple selected characters as needed. Results may be sent to everyone or GM only.
Kazander, 20.08.2015, 16:35
7 votes Vote

UI for Mulitple Miniatures per Player

For each player to have a manila folder with the name of a character (drawn from the character sheet inside of the folder) and a miniature on top of the folder. This would make it easy for players to choose which character sheet to look at...
anstett, 10.09.2015, 07:45
4 votes Vote

Card deck support

With an interface to create your own deck, ways to distribute cards to players, for players to have their hand separate from cards on the table, ways to switch face up/down, give cards between players, etc.
Franck Florentin, 24.09.2015, 14:03
4 votes Vote

2D to 3D Map

Imagine having a 2D image used as a regional map, clicking on a location in that region will bring up another (linked) map. The secondary map may be a zoomed in version of the smaller area in the region (as determined by the GM), within this 2D...
Jeff, 10.02.2016, 07:13
3 votes Vote

Tile Color Pallette

This is kinda of like the color palette that is in the system already. You lay your tiles and then click on it and you can choose possibly (tint) and the color palette pops up to allow alternating the actual color (2 tones) on the tile or tiles if...
Tivaan, 04.09.2015, 04:36
3 votes Vote

Connect movement between Miniatures and Sheets

What are the variable names on the Miniatures movement sliders? The ideal is to have the Character sheet tied to the miniature so that as the variables change on the sheet it automatically changes the value on the miniature.
anstett, 10.09.2015, 07:33
3 votes Vote

Variable names for Character Sheets

What is the variable name for the character sheets to keep track of them in TC? Each Player has a Character Sheet assigned to them (in the near future multiples for each Miniature a Player controls). What is the variable name assigned so that...
anstett, 10.09.2015, 07:34
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Variation in all tiles

Tiles of all kinds should have a few variable textures within each set so they appear natural instead of the same patter repeated. This would be great when you have cobble stone, dirt paths, etc. Even within paving stones, though the stones are...
Jeff, 10.02.2016, 06:46
7 votes Vote

Round tables

Round tables - size wise would roughly be able to fit inside the current rectangle table. Something where 4 bar stools could fit around it. But really any size round table will do!
Response from the site administrator
pindercarl, 31.08.2015
A round table is available in the Fantasy Village Tavern tileset as of v0.491.
Tim Benton, 04.08.2015, 20:21
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